Officially launched at the North Pole in July 2013, ‘Caress the World’ is a unique artistic project  – the first ever artistic project to be launched at the North Pole. However, its uniqueness dwells elsewhere: in the message behind the artwork. ‘Caress the World’ aims to genuinely unite the world and its inhabitants, across borders, languages and cultures, in a web of interwoven hands. 

‘Caress the World’ will travel to each of the 194 countries recognized by the United Nations before finally reaching the South Pole. A retrospective exhibition including all stages of the journey will then be presented in 2023 at the Venice Biennale. Thus far, ‘Caress the World’ has visited more than 30 countries but the project needs your help to fully realize its potential.

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality
but a hammer with which to shape it.”



― Bertolt Brecht

To visit the 194 countries and carry this project through to the end we need your sponsoring and assistance. The project will last another 6 years and will require significant funds, with an estimated cost of 4.4 million USD. ‘Caress the World’ is seeking to partner with global firms, private or public foundations, news agencies, banks, hotels and patrons, that share our goal.

As explained in the brochure (please click here for pdf), every installation is original and unique but at the same time an inseparable part of the whole artistic project. Thus, for a global company, ‘Caress the World’ offers the rare possibility to organize simultaneously multiple events around the world. The enormous commercial value of the project for our corporate partners rests in this ability of ‘Caress the World’ to share a message of solidarity and peace throughout the world but also across a global workforce with diversity of culture and language.

Already registered as a Limited Liability Company in Switzerland, ‘Caress the World’ is set to become a proper Foundation dedicated to help disadvantaged children around the world. Pending the establishment, some of the collected funds will be donated directly to UNICEF.

If you are interested by the project and would like to contribute to this amazing journey around the world, please contact us directl. Any donation is very welcome. If you wish to acquire an installation or organize an event, please contact us directly. Unless you desire to remain anonymous, your details will be associated with the project and you will become a part of the retrospective exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2023.

The first step to uniting the world and its inhabitants is only a web of interwoven hands away.