Philosophy behind the project

What could be more harmonious than the caressing hand ?


Contact is made through the hand, so why not use hands to connect and unite the world and its inhabitants ?


Since 2010,  the HAND has become the symbol of Ray Monde's workshop as well as her main connection to the world.


After all, the very first works of art were painted hands on cave walls more than 20'000 years ago. 








The emblematic hand that Ray Monde created is white in color with slender curving fingers,

an artistic image meant to evoke the wings of a dove, the dove of peace and emblem of purity.


Carefully drawn, this iconic representation of the human hand is cut from a sheet of vinyl,

so that it can withstand snow or rain and be used in outdoor installations.


The hand is produced in great multitudes like flocks of doves that will metaphorically fly into artistic geometric

arrangements and form mobile sculptures – or simply be strung like hands on a clothesline.


The hands are then carried throughout the globe, from the most secluded regions to the most populated areas,

and left to dance in the wind, caressing the world and bringing peace to its inhabitants. 


Imagine a web of caresses from the North Pole to the South Pole,

encompassing all the world’s latitudes and longitudes,

engulfing everyone in loving hands.

‘Caress the World’ has no boundaries, it is only limited by the realm of one's imagination.

Based upon the desire to build bridges between the various regions and cultures,

‘Caress the World’ aims to genuinely unite the world and its inhabitants,

across borders, languages and cultures,

in a web of interwoven hands. 


After all, what else than art could bring forth a process of awareness and enhanced perception 

of this oneness of the human species?


Together let's promote the Universality of Art, the Beauty of our Earth

and the Power of the Human Spirit. 

* * *